Key programme themes

--> Need to generate investment into the region and tailor made access to finance

East and Central Africa community is open to discuss redesigning or revising existing investment incentives.

Financiers and lenders ready to offer finance to develop mining sector in the region

Attend the investor briefing: “Capitalising East and Central Mining sector”

--> Un-harmonized regulatory policies and regulation

Industry leaders and policy makers to re-visit their existing policies to ensure its fitting for a forward thinking sector in the region to raise interest from local and international investors

Attend session 1.3: “Rethinking mining policies to get mining operations in motion”

--> Infrastructure development needed across the mining value chain such as power and processing plant projects

Power, electricity and energy suppliers to showcase themselves and offer direction for the region to benefit.

Sign up for the discussion group on “Power generation to service mining stakeholders”

--> Need to facilitate METS in the region to fast track mining operations and exploration development

Huge opportunity for the METS industry to push equipment and service providers in the region.

Engage in the discussion group on “Bridging the gaps between traditional mining and incorporation."

--> Limitation of mineral processing plants which could leverage great value addition

Countries in the region already set up with processing plants and set strategies to develop plants for increased value additions (ie. Rwanda)

Learn more at session 2.2 “Rwanda positioning itself as the mineral processing hub: Keeping value additions within the region”