The East and Central Africa Mining Forum conference is a stakeholder-led gathering with a distinct end goal:

This event endeavours to build relationships between government, mining companies and investors. A  forum set to provide an opportunity for the mining sector stakeholders to share and discuss their goals, and collaborate with others towards the advancement of the industry.  

A very important component of the event is the  in the quest for credible investors to progess and develop the East and Central Africa and Great lakes mining industry, as well as associated support services. 

This high-level and strategic mining engagement platform will bring critical stakeholders with East African and international investors to drive the East and Central African solid minerals and mineral value processing sector to the top of mind ensuring acceleration and thinking forward. 

The aim is to establish a robust legal framework along with transparent processes in line with East and Central Africa’s mining vision, regional trade partnerships and We want to establish and consolidate East and Central Africa’s position as a regional mining hub in order to use the sector as a key driver for socio-economic growth for the region. 

East and Central African Mining Forum strives to link investors, project developers, financiers, technology providers, public and private sectors to promote an industry that is the future driver of the Eastern African economy by discussing the revision or redesigning of existing investment incentives. 

This conference also provides a platform for the full METS (Mining Equipment, Technology and Services), power suppliers to showcase themselves and offer direction for the region by collectively coming together to develop strategies and solutions to address challenges being experienced. 

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