Tanzania mulls measures to simplify mineral dealing

Minister for Minerals Mr Dotto Biteko who opened a seminar for the mineral dealers on Saturday, September 7 directed the scope of the dealer license to be extended from regional to now cover a zone.<

"The Mining Commission should immediately draft the changes and submit so that we quickly solve the challenge," said Mr. Biteko. The current regulations restrict a dealer license to just one region. The dealers said the restrictions affected competition in the mineral dealings. "If a dealer is registered in Arusha, they cannot be allowed to buy in Tanga due to the scope restriction provided in the dealer license," said Tanzania Mineral Dealers Association chairman Mr. Sammy Mollel.

"We want the dealer license to be allowed to operate in all regions of Tanzania. It will add competition which will ultimately benefit the small miners and of course increase government revenue," he added. Mr. Biteko said the government will start with expanding the scope to zones as a response to the demand of the dealers. In the second move, Mr. Biteko said the government was considering to scrap.