Key players in the region


East Africa is a significant supplier of rutile (titanium oxide), titanium-iron-oxide mineral ilmenite, gold and zircon. The majority of minerals produced in East Africa are exported for further processing and in 2017, East African countries exported minerals worth US$974.6m. a year-on-year decrease of 9.2%, reflecting a large decrease in Tanzania's exports.

The import of minerals to the region increased by 23% to US$605.8m. A large number of companies are involved in the region's mining sector, including major companies like Rio Tinto, Barrick Gold and AngloGold Ashanti.

Meet with the key players in the region:

  • Acacia Mining Plc
  • Ambatovy Minerals S.A.
  • Anglogold Ashanti Ltd
  • Ariab Mining Co Ltd
  • Base Titanium Ltd
  • Bass Metals Ltd
  • Bisha Mining Share Company
  • Cradle Resources Ltd
  • Delgo Mining Co Ltd
  • East Africa Metals Inc
  • Edenville Energy Plc
  • Etablissements Gallois S.A.
  • Gemfields Group Ltd
  • Golden United Group
  • Goldplat Plc
  • Karebe Gold Mining Ltd
  • Kefi Minerals Plc
  • Kermas Ltd
  • Kibaran Resources Ltd
  • Kibo Energy Plc
  • Kraomita Malagasy S.A.
  • Krone Uganda Ltd
  • Lemur Holdings Ltd
  • Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd
  • Managem S.A.
  • Minjingu Mines And Fertilizers Ltd
  • Nevsun Resources Ltd
  • Nextsource Materials Inc

  • Piran Resources Ltd
  • Rainbow Rare Earths Ltd
  • Rockland Kenya Ltd
  • Stamigold Company Ltd
  • Strandline Resources Ltd
  • Tancoal Energy Ltd
  • Tanzaniteone Mining Ltd
  • Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd
  • Thani Stratex Resources Ltd
  • Tinco Investments Ltd
  • Volt Resources Ltd
  • Walkabout Resources Ltd
  • Williamson Diamonds Ltd