2019 Testimonials


The East and Central Africa Mining Forum is a wonderful event that brings not only the East and Central Africa countries together to discuss their regional sectors but all African countries

Doctor ILBOUDO Ousmane, Permanent Secretary,  Ministry Mines, and Quarries


“This regional forum gives us the opportunity to engage in challenges and opportunities. We also can prospect and promote regional collaboration which is crucial for regional growth.

Dso Moupondo, CEO, Sodeico


After years of neglect, East and Central Africa countries are waking up to take charge of their minerals.

Ezbon Mill Adele Andu, Undersecretary, Ministry of Mining, South Sudan


ECAMF was a bright success to bring the regional and international key mining players together. The output from the forum was very positive to unlock the constraints and pave the way for mineral operators to work together.

Simpenewe Leonidas, Vice Chairman Rwanda Mining Association


The ECAMF is a very informative and engaging forum that any key player in the mining sector should not miss. Its ability to create a networking professional platform helps to avail the timely information available in the sector and create resourceful links among the stakeholders.

Filbeta Magidanga, Standards Officer, Tanzania Bureau of Standards


This forum has been a good platform to:

a. Learn from speakers on ways to boost the mining sector

b. The showcase mining companies activities and products

c. To network with various players

d. To get some insights on the African Mining vision and direction

Fabrice Kayihura, MD, Ngali Mining Ltd


An excellent platform for all sectors of the mining industry to interact and learn from each other and work together to the benefit of all across the African region and the world, whether big ir small, new or established. We hope that these discussions and cooperation will continue from now to the next mining forum and that the subsequent growth in the Rwanda mining industry will be significant in the next 12 months. Well done to RMB and the organizers. 

Karien Bornheim,  CEO, Footprint Africa Business Solutions (FABS) South Africa


I am happy to hear from different presentations/speakers and participants that the future of Africa’s growth will depend on the reforming the mining sector especially orientating it towards value addition, investing more in exploration and increasing/taking care of local content.

Fabian Majra, National Advisor on regional mining initiatives, Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board


You superseded any expectations at this first conference which gathered representatives of government, Private sector, civil society and financing institutions from the East and Central Africa region and beyond. Well done! We look forward to the next such conference where we can meet all our stakeholders in one place to speak about opportunities and challenges in Africa’s mining sector. Minerals can and should be used to develop Africa.

Fred KABANDA, Division Manager - Extractives, African Development Bank

I was very pleased by the numbers of companies that were present at the forum, especially the key speakers that had a range of information, especially on the environment aspect and failings of the minerals. This forum has given me an opportunity to meet different people from all over the world, which will help me grow the company that I run.

Nsanza Usanase Josianne, CEO, Eprocomi